Traditional Thai Massage

Thai bodywork is one part of a traditional healthcare system with ancient roots in Thailand. As opposed to many other massage modalities, Thai massage is primarily done on a mat on the floor with the patient fully dressed. However, what really makes Thai massage unique is the system of knowledge that guides the use of therapies to treat the physical body while also supporting emotional and mental well-being in the context of environment and life stages. Thai massage is especially effective at loosening stuck areas in the body, allowing greater movement and healthier function as a result. Treatments are always customized to an individuals’s current needs and can range from deeply therapeutic, spot specific work on injuries and stubborn tension, to whole body relaxation and grounding massage to calm the busy mind and much more!

Some Thai Bodywork techniques include:

  • The use of warm herbal compresses to soften and warm skin and tissue
  • Compression of tense muscle with hands, forearms, feet and knees
  • Point work to release bound tissue
  • Passive range of motion to help increase joint mobility
  • Passive stretching to increase flexibility for shortened, tight muscles
  • Sen line work and tok sen for freeing and awakening movement along pathways in the body
  • The use of handmade traditional Thai medicated balms, liniments and other herbal formulas as needed
  • Thai fire-cupping and scraping techniques to break up stagnation and relieve inflammation.

Thai Bodywork can treat a variety of conditions, and may be effective treatment for:

  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Injury and surgery recovery
  • Chronic pain and tension
  • Nerve pain and problems
  • Pregnancy (after the first trimester) and postpartum women
  • Repetitive motion conditions in athletes and active people

Different session lengths are available depending on your needs:

1-hour: spot specific therapy $100

1.5 hour: basic full-body or deeply focused therapy on a specific area or two. Also the minimum treatment time for New Client Intake sessions. $150

2 hour- systemic full-body therapeutic session or spot-specific therapy on multiple areas. $200

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